Demons All The Way Down

Adventure Log - 3/15

-Party finishes clearing out mongrel traitor cavern
-Had a really tough fight against multiple rooms of mongrel people and tiefling cultusts
-Captured one female H something name
-Good mongrel people leader says couple of days to assemble the army for the surface
-Party finds out demon army above has moved on and they’re now within an expanded worldwound
-Merecat bravely scouts the surface but is found by a porcupine demon that screeches an alarm; she makes it safely back to the party
-Found note about demon sympathizer safehouses
-Found out Anevia’s wife sold her paladin father’s sword to cultists (perhaps unknowingly)
-Cultists appear to want to corrupt holy weapons for some reason
-Auraedric found a sword that glows with awesomeness when wielded by a paladin
-Merecat made waffles


beautifulmudman JimWilson

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