Demons All The Way Down

Adventure Log - 4/3

Digging continued. More demons. Some demons more load-bearing than others. Note: do not remove flask shaped demons.

Adventure Log - 3/15

-Party finishes clearing out mongrel traitor cavern
-Had a really tough fight against multiple rooms of mongrel people and tiefling cultusts
-Captured one female H something name
-Good mongrel people leader says couple of days to assemble the army for the surface
-Party finds out demon army above has moved on and they’re now within an expanded worldwound
-Merecat bravely scouts the surface but is found by a porcupine demon that screeches an alarm; she makes it safely back to the party
-Found note about demon sympathizer safehouses
-Found out Anevia’s wife sold her paladin father’s sword to cultists (perhaps unknowingly)
-Cultists appear to want to corrupt holy weapons for some reason
-Auraedric found a sword that glows with awesomeness when wielded by a paladin
-Merecat made waffles

Adventure Log - 1/24

Party continues down caverns finding collapsed mongrelmen watchtower. After saving mongrelmen through application of wizard, mongrelmen bring party back to their mongrolvillage. Mongrelchief tells them that he will gather mongrelarmy to help surface-dwellers after revealing that mongrelmen are descendants of the First Crusade. Mongrelchief admits that one tribe has gone bad and asks that players kill everyone in that village so that mongrelarmy can reach surface. Also so players can reach surface. Paladin insists that he is so honorable that mongrelchief should make mongrelpresent of +1 ring of protection. Mongrelchief agrees making other players rethink position on honor points system. Players set out and much murdering ensues.

Adventure Log - 1/19

The party has gathered in Kenabras to participate in a tournament when the wardstone explores and demons begin teleporting into the city. The city’s protector, a silver dragon, fights the Storm King demon commander, but as she is about to die she imbues the party with some kind of magic. The party falls into the depths of the city underground and meets a wizard, an elven scout, and a nobleman who need to be escorted to safety. After getting introduced, the party makes its way through the underground hazards and finds a desecrated temple to Torag with an undead creature inside. After slaying the creature the party decides they can’t take time to reconsecrate it while innocents are in danger above ground and head back out. Along the way they find some kind of evil wizard dwarf and kill him. They then come upon what appears to be an exit back to the surface.

Day 1
Just keep on digging...

I dug and I dug.
I dug deeper I dug.
Dug through and dug under,
Dug here and dug yonder.


Demons all the way down.

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