Magic Items

1300 gold

5 silver holy symbols of Iomedae worth 25 gold each

Broken Phylactery of Faithfulness

Cultist intel, plan to attack was years in making, list of bad people names, valuable to crusaders

letter from minogoat to faxon

Potions: 16x cure light, 4x lesser restoration, 6x invisibility, 1x cure moderate, 2x darkvision

Scrolls: 1x Comprehend Languages

Bracers of Armor +1

Gear: 2 bedrolls, set of caltrops, three candle stubs (each can burn for 30 minutes), a two flasks of oil, flint and steel, 10 feet of badly frayed hemp rope

10 days of trail rations, small pack filled with dried meat, preserved fruit, and some moldy cheese (6 days of rations)

Mundane Weapons/Armor: 6 clubs, dagger, 2 glaives, spiked gauntlet

scroll of cause fear, scroll of comprehend languages, dagger, spell component pouch,
club, 20 arrows
a scroll of identify,

Other Gear chain shirt, antitoxin, lockbox key, orders from Staunton Vhane

as well as a scroll of bear’s endurance and a scroll of remove disease

Mwk Glaive


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